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Digital & Social Outreach

Digital media


+ web-wide overview of your brand, social media and web presence

+ cross-platform consistency of branding, messaging & content

How's your social media game? If it's not up-to-date, you aren't engaging people. Ecco will do a full web scan of all your social media to ensure consistency across your platforms, your artist profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, TikTok, YouTube and more, to ensure your always putting your best and latest out there for your fans.



+ brand identity & establishment

+ trademark registration & protection

Your name is your brand these days. Ecco has the experience to and know-how to see how unique your brand is, and to register and protect it if necessary. Exclusive partnership with a national trademark law firm allows us to get ahead of the competition for you, by scouring registries for similar band and performance names, and registering yours before anyone else can. 


Web presence


+ graphic design

+ sites, apps & web-based content

Need a web-site or a logo? Our exclusive partnership with a leading graphic design and brand consulting firm is a call away. We can have a site or an app built in no time. 

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